Cox-Henderson Governing Principles

Our Utah Leads Together Plan, developed by some of Utah’s best and brightest, will help the state emerge from the current economic crisis sooner and stronger than other states. Building on that plan, the Cox-Henderson team will partner with the private sector and legislature to pursue solutions that honor the following five governing principles for rebuilding Utah’s economy and securing a bright future for all Utahns.

  1. Education First:
    Education is the cornerstone of both our short-term economic recovery and our long-term success. We must ensure all Utahns can thrive amid rapid change. That means through targeted upskill and re-skill opportunities, Utah’s workers will adapt and be armed with a world-class education.
  2. Utah Solutions for Utah Priorities:
    We must increase Utah’s long-term resilience, minimize dependence on federal funds, and nearsource critical supplies. We will prioritize in-state manufacturing and commerce, build essential supply chains, and incentivize local business growth by cultivating an economic environment founded on low taxes and fewer regulations.
  3. State Government -- Work Better, Cost Less:
    Utahns deserve an efficient, transparent, and accountable government. As we deal with unprecedented health and economic challenges, we will need the wisdom and innovation of all Utahns as we further streamline and modernize state government and continue to live within our means.
  4. Elevated Quality of Life with Balanced Growth:
    Attracting the best jobs, investing in infrastructure that mitigates the undesirable effects of growth, and taking proactive steps to improve air quality will ensure that our economic recovery will not compromise our quality of life.
  5. Rural Matters:
    Rural Utah is key in our recovery and prosperity. We will create more diverse employment opportunities for all Utahns by encouraging rural business formation, upskilling rural workers, and enabling more telework. Our administration will prioritize agriculture and ranching to enhance Utah’s food self-sufficiency. We will also maintain Utah’s low and stable cost of power by supporting our energy-producing communities and continue to advocate for local management of Utah’s public lands.

The Utah Leads Together Plan dovetails with the Cox-Henderson Governing Principles to further Utah’s commitment to fiscal responsibility and durable self-reliance. Just as Governor Herbert and Lt. Governor Cox steered Utah out of the Great Recession to enviable economic strength, the Cox-Henderson administration will ensure we rise from this crisis as one Utah — resilient, prosperous, and strong.

Cox-Henderson Utah Leads Together Plan