COVID-19 Update March 21

COVID-19 Update March 21


Since that moment we learned what COVID-19 was, our shared world has changed dramatically. Many of you became your children’s math teachers overnight. Graduations, proms, recitals, tournaments, weddings, and funerals have been canceled. We have realized how reliant we all are on each other.

We understand the worry, pain, and isolation you are experiencing. We feel it too. We are in this together.

Unprecedented times call for unprecedented measures. As you as an individual, family or business tighten your financial belt, we are committed to doing so along with you. This is not the time for new expensive ads, fancy call centers, or fundraising asks. It’s time for us to step up, sacrifice, innovate and help others.

As many of you were planning on making a contribution to our campaign, please think of someone who might need it more than we do.

This is a time to think about those around you. How can you use the money you might have donated to candidates this month to help our neighbors and friends? Find out which of your neighbors will miss paychecks. Leave a larger tip when you pick up take-out from your local restaurant. Gift a bike or video game to a child down the street. Help a healthcare worker whose daycare budget has run out. Send a member of your staff experiencing a lighter workload to pick up an elderly neighbor’s groceries.

Our TV ads are down, events are canceled, and meetings have moved online, but we will work harder to make up the difference. A primary election will be held in June and we still need you on our team. Right now, your neighbors need you more.


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Spencer J. Cox
Lt. Governor
State of Utah

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Deidre M. Henderson Utah
State Senator
Senate District 7

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