Cox for Governor First to Submit Signatures for Republican Primary Ballot

Cox for Governor First to Submit Signatures for Republican Primary Ballot

SALT LAKE CITY (February 10, 2020) – The Cox for Governor campaign took an important step forward today, becoming the first candidate for governor to submit at least 28,000 signatures to place Lt. Gov. Spencer Cox on the Republican primary ballot. Abby Cox, wife of the Lt. Gov., personally delivered the signatures to the Utah Elections Office while the Lt. Gov. was attending official business in Moab.

The campaign did not utilize a professional signature gathering company, instead mobilizing more than 500 volunteers – ranging from 18 to 92 years old – in addition to some paid college students. Beginning on January 2nd, the effort took 40 days and resulted in 29,365 signatures.

“Spencer and I want to thank the most committed team of campaign volunteers in the state for attaining such a remarkable achievement,” stated Abby Cox. “We don’t have the same resources as other candidates, but we have always said no one will work harder than us. The reaction to our uniquely grassroots campaign is highly encouraging as we continue to campaign across all 248 Utah cities and towns.”

In addition to collecting signatures, Lt. Gov. Cox will participate in the state nominating convention this April.

“The last decade was the most prosperous period in Utah’s history, and as a consistent conservative I believe the next decade can be even better,” said Lt. Gov. Cox. “I look forward to articulating my vision for Utah’s future during a respectful and vigorous primary campaign with whomever qualifies for the ballot. Abby and I are all in for Utah.”

The Utah Elections Office will begin validating the submitted signatures. As the Chief Election Officer, Lt. Gov. Cox has implemented a process to ensure the gubernatorial race is administered transparently. If a concern arises involving the Cox campaign, former Utah Lt. Gov. Gayle McKeachnie will evaluate the concern and submit an independent recommendation for resolution.

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